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My Mission

I grew up on the dirt roads of a small farming community in Hastings. I learned that nothing comes free and you must work for everything you have. I want our children to know they must work hard to succeed, but we must provide them with tools for success.


I will advocate for common sense curriculum. We have to get back to the basics and our schools must provide career pathways to graduation. We must expand our academies to include more vocational training.


We must do everything to give our kids a chance to prosper - whether it be college or the trades.


I spent 20 years in our classroom as a school resource deputy. I was awarded the St. Johns County School District Lifetime Achievement Award for my service to our schools. I know what our children need to succeed because I’ve seen it firsthand. I promise to fight for our kids without fear and to keep "politics as usual" out of the classroom.


I promise to spend your tax dollars wisely for the benefit of ALL. Our kids are too precious for politics. Will you join me in protecting our future?


Anthony Coleman was born in Palatka, FL and attended Hastings High School where he graduated in 1983. He played varsity football and ran track, earning his spot as the state champion in the 100 meters in 1982. He was awarded a scholarship from Edward Waters College for track and went on to complete the St. Augustine Technical Law Enforcement Academy and was a graduate of Vincennes University.

    He served as a deputy for the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office for more than 30 years and the last 20 of those years, Coleman had been a youth resource deputy as well as a coach, mentor, teacher and role model to thousands of St. Johns County children. Most of his career as a youth resource deputy was spent at Pedro Menendez High School, although he  also provided service at Gaines Alternative School, Murray and Gamble Rogers middle schools.
    Coleman lives by the motto to protect and serve. He was named Officer of the Year in 1999 and received the Guy White Award, the highest award given by St. Johns County Sheriff. It is not uncommon to witness him volunteering throughout the St. Johns County Community. In 1990 he assisted in starting the Police Athletic League  program after he started coaching children from Hastings and surrounding areas. He has coached children from ages 7 to 16 in football, track, t-ball, baseball and basketball.
    Coleman and his wife Cheryl have been married for over 25 years. They have six children and 10 grandchildren.








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